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Unfortunately, I cannot afford a professional editor. I have worked hard to edit my own books, but contrary to what my wife may think, I am no fool. I understand that no matter how hard you work to check your own work, it is extremely easy to miss errors. If you should notice any mistakes in my books, please let me know and I will try to fix them.

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Apr 13, 2014

Double Book Whammy

I am currently working on doing two things at once. The first one will be to release my book, Hell in a Storm, on KDP Select, and make it free with the promotional days. This is supposed to help bring people to find your other books as well, of which at this time I only have The Descent of Darkness available. So I am now looking at publishing my new book, Maroz, at the same time to help bring it a few readers. Once the three months are up for Hell in a Storm, I will add Maroz to KDP Select and make that one free. Hopefully this will continue to bring new readers to the Demon Siege Trilogy (Even if I do only have the first two books out). Once Maroz is finished in KDP Select, I will hopefully be finished with The Rise of the Seven (Book-3 in the Demon Siege Trilogy) and I will place Hell in a Storm on KDP Select again in hopes of bring more readers back to the Demon Siege Trilogy and more sales to the third book. This could start as soon as Easter Weekend. It might be delayed one week, but Easter Weekend is my goal. So this is my plan at this time, and I am sticking to it..... unless someone gives me a good reason to do something different.

Mar 29, 2014

Hell in a Storm to soon be in KDP Select

I will soon be entering the first book of the Demon Siege Trilogy, Hell in a Storm, into KDP Select.

KDP Select is an Amazon run program that helps promote a new book to numerous new readers. One promotion that I plan to take advantage of, is the free give away.  For a certain amount of days, Hell in a Storm will be free to down load for your reading pleasure. I believe, but am not sure, as I am not a pro at this KDP Select stuff yet, that you will be able to lend to book out to other readers as well.

There is one drawback however. While in the KDP Select program, Hell in a Storm will only be found through Amazon as they will have exclusive rights for at least the three months I have the book enrolled.

I will post the news when it is enrolled, so keep your eyes out and join my email list if you havent already.

Mar 10, 2014

Update for March of 2014


My first book, Hell in a Storm, has been re-edited.  If you havent read it, give it a try.


The second book of the Demon Siege Trilogy is still in process of being re-edited. However, it should be done within another week. Two at the worst.


I still have no better name for this book. It still needs to be re-edited one more time, and for the first time, I plan on having a book cover professionally made. Unfortunately, that will likely not be done until July.